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Kikuletwa Hot Springs | East Africa Travel Company

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Kikuletwa Hot Springs is underground hot springs in the village called Chemka, this beautiful amazing place is a very special place to visit when you’re in Kilimanjaro/ Arusha.

You may come from Arusha or Moshi town to the main bus stand at Boma Ng’ombe.  We will pick you from the bus stand at Boma  Ng’ombe ready for fun, then by a car or Bajaj, we will drive toward the village called Chemka for underground Hot Springs Tanzania. The road to the springs is very bumpy and winding. During the trip, you can enjoy and see the authentic Tanzanian life as it is.

Kikuletwa Hot Springs – Swimming

Kikuletwa Hot Springs the water forms a clear and clean pond which is ideal for swimming. The pond is very deep, in some places up to 7 meters, but the water is so clear that you can see the bottom well all the time. The pond is situated under lush trees.

Enjoy your snacks and let yourself dry after swimmingYou can swim, relax, eat your lunch and enjoy the sun.  Between the trees and hang a swing above the spring. We are ready for one day fun. Everywhere around the springs, you can see.

Kikuletwa Hot Springs – Weekend

Kikuletwa Hot Springs weekend on this kind of relaxing day, it will be really perfect if your plan in doing it on weekend, is the best timing because you will have a lot of company on weekend. a lot of groups they like to do on the weekend. you can plan ahead to spend you’re a daytime in Kilimanjaro hot spring Tanzania, you can spend the much time you want.

Kilimanjaro Hot Springs Tanzania – Support

Kilimanjaro Hot Springs Tanzania support by taking this tour.  The village called Chemka, this village they collect all the entrance by a village local guide and all collection are going back to the village committee, they fix some problem they have like, to repair roads, hospital and help the community in general, Somehow you’re participating by visiting the Kilimanjaro Hot Springs Tanzania.


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